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Miraculous Ladybug E-Beetle Car With Fashion Doll

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As a student and Paris’ favourite superhero, Ladybug is one busy bee or, bug! When she’s not swinging through the skies, she’s steering through the streets in her brand-new car! Lift the butterfly doors to catch a ride with Ladybug and open the boot for extra storage. With a real sunroof! Gaze at the glittering Paris lights with an open moon roof! Steer clear of evil akumas with an adjustable steering wheel. There’s something Miraculous within us all! When Marinette and Adrien stumble upon an ancient power, they reveal their new superhero destinies. As they take up the task of defending Paris, it’s up to these two students to protect their powers and their identities from evil. But when their enemy grows stronger, along with the heroes’ feelings for each other, will Ladybug and Cat Noir be able to keep a secret?