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Schleich Large Farm With Animals and Accessories

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Farmer Paul always has his hands full. The pigs are grunting loudly and want to be fed, and the cow in the barn is already looking pretty hungry. But before Farmer Paul feeds her some hay, the little calf gets its milk from the bottle. All the animals come into the barn to eat. Especially the pigs, hoping for a juicy apple or a crunchy carrot. Once they have eaten their fill, they go back outside. Farmer Paul has put up fences around the farm so that everyone can get some fresh air. But the fences don't stop the cat from climbing onto the roof or the doves from flying all over the place. They always come back, though, because Farmer Paul takes such great care of them, too. He has even built the doves their own house, called a dovecote, where they like to hide from the cat when it comes slinking around. Pretty nifty! There's room for even more animals in the matching pony box, which is available separately.