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Sylvanian Families - The Caravan

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Perfect for family trips, the Caravan holiday home has everything your Sylvanians need for an exciting trip out of the meadow. This home, away from home comes with all the comforts your Sylvanians might need for a week or so in the wild. Complete with bedding for two, it can cater for a snooze as well as having a well equipped kitchen, seating area and bathroom! There’s also 20 kitchen accessories including yummy cakes and biscuits to nibble on, and a kettle for a good old cup of Sylvanian tea (in Sylvania they have learnt from experience that a correctly made cup of tea can solve nearly everything). Storage is the secret to any good caravan, and this nifty set lets you unfold sections to create additional space. There are board games to keep the little ones occupied, plus maps in case you get lost while trying to find the campsite. The Caravan is designed to be towed by the Family Saloon Car or Bluebell Seven Seater which are both sold separately.


  • 1 x caravan
  • 2 x fold down beds
  • 2 x board games
  • 2 x maps
  • 3 x postcards
  • 1 x set of steps
  • 1 x coffee table
  • 2 x sleeping bags
  • 1 x toilet roll
  • 1 x towel
  • 20 x kitchen accessories
  • 1 x soap
  • 1 x tow bar