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Top 5 New Toy Arrivals - September 2019

Top 5 New Toy Arrivals - September 2019

Our toy store aims to give every child an upbringing full of wonder and enjoyment. We all love to create memories. Do you remember visiting your first toy shop as a kid? Hopefully, those memories are still with you. We want to teach children to play, share & spread their infectious imaginative games among their friends and peers. We are committed to positively affecting our local and global environment that children grow up in through play. Here are our favorite new arrivals for September:

  • Monopoly Game of Thrones

  • For those who love Monopoly and a great buy for the family! Game of Thrones meets the Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game in this Monopoly game for GOT fans. Play your way to the iron throne!

    Monopoly Game of Thrones

    Buy it here:

  • Playmobil 9454 City Life Gym with Score Display

  • Children learn so much from play, that’s why we love this new addition to MK Toys & Books. A game all about staying fit! Play Mobil 9454 city life gym with a score display. Features a score display Includes an outdoor climbing wall With many ball sports and gymnastics accessories.

    Playmobil 9454 City Life Gym with Score Display

    Buy it here:

  • Pokemon 12" Legendary Figure (Solgaleo)

  • Add to your pokemon collection with this realistic Solgaleo character. It’s 12" scale brings this legendary Pokémon to life! Solgaleo’s entire body radiates a bright light that can wipe away the darkness of night too! Great as a fun night light!

    Pokemon 12" Legendary Figure (Solgaleo)

    Buy it here:

  • Air Peppa Pig Jet

  • Let your child's imagination go wild and take off in Peppa's free-wheeling Jet with Miss Rabbit! Includes Peppa Pig figure and a suitcase. Open up the doors, lower the stairs, then open the baggage hold and load the suitcase! Flip-over Miss Rabbit figure, to make space for Peppa to fly the plane. There's room for Peppa and her friends inside! 

    Air Peppa Pig Jet

    Buy it here:

  • Splash Attack - Splash Balls

  • Summers nearly over but there's still time for some outdoor water fun! - it just might not be in the sun! Just soak the balls in water and throw at your opponent and watch them squirm! 

    Get them here:

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