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Barbie Rewind '80s Edition Slumber Party Doll

by Barbie
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The Barbie Rewind series is a love letter to the 80s, and this slumber party doll is a way cool addition! Barbie brings big hair and stylish flair to her friend’s sleepover! How cute is she? Barbie doll wears an adorable, printed pyjama set with flutter sleeves and extra-long, scrunched-up socks. Included are all the slumber party must haves: a big purple TV, bowl of popcorn, rotary phone, lipstick, and more! Each doll highlights a popular theme with a cool fashion, storytelling accessories and cassette tape doll stand for lots of play and display opportunities. With a cassette tape doll stand and VHS-themed packaging, Barbie Rewind doll makes a totally rad gift for Barbie collectors and lovers of all things 80s. Doll is approximately 13-inches tall and features a superstar sculpt, bendable knees and movable elbow joints. Ages 6 and up.

This doll is apart of the Black Label Collection. This collection includes some of Barbie Signature's most sensational dolls designed for the adult collector like the Inspiring Women series, Day of the Dead, and more! Black Label dolls do not have a set edition size.