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BumBumz 7.5" HomeBumz Assortment

by BumBumz
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*One Sent at Random

BumBumz are plush with personality, as diverse and unique as the people who collect them!

Made from super soft fabric, once you pick up a BumBumz you simply cannot put it down! Anything and everything can be a BumBumz including all your favourite home comforts! Providing a fun and tactile experience, the new HomeBumz assortment are a fun range of characters based on everyday household objects. Each unique and quirky plush has a distinct characteristic with six in total to collect, some are common and others are extremely rare but who will you find?

HomeBumz assortment includes six new characters to collect (however not all may be supplied in each box);

  • Francis the Fireplace
  • Leslie the Lamp
  • Ralph the Recliner
  • Reina the Refrigerator
  • Olan the Oven Stove
  • Stu the Succulents