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BumBumz 7.5" RootBumz Assortment

by BumBumz
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*One sent at random

BumBumz are plush with personality, as diverse and unique as the people who collect them!

Made from super soft fabric, once you pick up a BumBumz you simply cannot put it down! Anything and everything can be a BumBumz including all your favourite veggies from the garden! Providing a fun and tactile experience, the new RootBumz assortment also shows kids the benefits of healthy eating with a fun range of characters based on everyday root vegetables. Each unique and quirky plush has a distinct characteristic with six in total to collect, some are common and others are extremely rare but who will you find?

RootBumz assortment includes six new characters to collect;

  • Stan the Mushroom
  • Ronnie the Radish
  • Gail the Garlic
  • Colby the Corn
  • Erin the Eggplant
  • Bobby the Broccoli