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Casdon Electronic Washer Pink

by Casdon
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SKU 62150

What’s better than a standard washing machine? A baby pink washing machine, that’s what. Put some excitement back into the laundry room with help from this realistic pink washer!

Whether your Little Helper is assisting with your pile of laundry or preparing fresh clothes for dolls and teddies, this pink washer has just the ticket. It works just like a normal washing machine would, spinning clothes around in a somewhat mesmerising way. Your little one can choose from two different speeds and take advantage of lights to know when the job is complete. And, let’s not forget the sound effects for extra realism!

This oh-so energy efficient toy washing machine makes keeping up with the laundry a walk in the park, so much so that your little ones won't ever want to stop! The set even includes a little laundry basket and “washing powder” to get clothes smelling fresh in no time.