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Cluedo Junior

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Now pre-schoolers can get in on the mystery-solving fun with this Cluedo Junior game, featuring two levels of grow-with-me fun! This mystery board game for children aged 4 and up includes a double-sided gameboard for two levels of play. On the Level 1 side, children work together to solve a Playground Mix-up. One of the characters mistakenly put an item in their backpack. All players work as a team, exploring the playground by searching for clues in seek-and-find picture tiles. Together, they must work out what item is missing and who took it to solve the mystery. When junior detectives are ready for a bit more challenge, they can flip the board over to Level 2 and compete to solve the Science Lab Mystery. Who set off the volcano, what did they pour into it and where should they have been? For 2-6 players, this Cluedo Junior game is a fun game for family time, and it makes a great present for pre-schoolers, children and families! Hasbro Gaming and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc.