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Rainbow Brite 5 1/2-Inch Rainbow Brite Fashion Doll

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SKU LS58075
Celebrating 40 years of Rainbow Brite, The Loyal Subjects introduces the 5 1/2-inch tall fully poseable fashion doll; a groundbreaking addition to the beloved franchise and the first fashion doll ever for Rainbow Brite! This adorable Rainbow Brite fashion doll features fantastic threaded hair and a shiny glittery fabric outfit that is easily changeable, allowing for endless outfit combinations and fun playtime opportunities. Outfits and accessories are interchangeable between all The Loyal Subjects 5 1/2-inch fashion dolls, encouraging mix-and-match fashion exploration (each sold separately). With 29 points of articulation, Rainbow Brite is fully poseable, elevating the play experience and allowing kids to unleash their creativity. Rainbow Brite comes with 7x classic stickers, and 4 surprise accessories that may include combinations of the iconic comb, purses, fashion accessories, lunchboxes (a nod to the 80's lunchboxes), and super rare finds too. The doll comes packaged in a quintessential yellow window-style gift box with 4 punch-out surprise reveal boxes on the back.

Rainbow Brite’s undeniably cute and colorful classic stylings and characteristics have propelled this brand into the pantheon of some of the greatest pop culture characters, stories, and inventions. Armed with a magical color belt and a host of delightful friends, Rainbow Brite introduced generations of children to colorful and imaginative adventures in Rainbow Land. The Loyal Subjects has developed an exciting modernized classic Rainbow Brite product line that will be enjoyed by fans of all ages - including today’s kids. Introducing the 5 1/2-inch tall Fashion Doll! A groundbreaking addition to the beloved franchise. The modernized classic collection will include traditional play patterns such as hair and fashion play, infused with Rainbow Brite’s attributes of kindness, courage, and optimism.