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Schleich Eldrador Mini Creatures Lava Robot

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The super strong Mini Creatures Lava Robot from Schleich Eldrador Creatures was built by the Mini Creatures using strong lava rock so that he could help rebuild the destroyed lava world. Its movable arms and exchangeable glowing hot lava axe means that it can smash apart cooled lava rock and tame wild lava flows. But now the sharp spine-studded colossus is also creating chaos in the other Eldrador worlds encouraged by the Lava Lord who is the leader of the lava world Mini Creatures. The aggressive fighter is made of strong crystal and is always up to no good. When he (or one of his Mini Creature companions) sits in the robot control center and takes over command, his enemies need to be careful. The Lava Robot can use his weapon to cut through eternal ice, set fire to the jungle, and even slice through the hardest stones.