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Schleich Koala Mother and Baby

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Wakey wakey, rise and shine! The Koala Mother with Baby from Schleich Wild Life is even earlier than your alarm clock. Early in the morning, Koala mom and her baby set out so they can have breakfast before the sun rises. Preferably eucalyptus, eucalyptus or eucalyptus. Phew, that's a hard word to pronounce! Especially if you say it several times really fast in a row. How many times can you do it without making a mistake? The young koala doesn't even need a table to eat eu-ca-lyp-tus. He just takes it onto his mother's back. By the way, the family lives in a tree or on top your wardrobe. Thanks to her strong fingers, the Koala Mother can easily hold on to almost anything and enjoy the view. And the baby can hold on to the mom. Maybe you can let the mom hold onto you too and then the view is even better!