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Sylvanian Families - Milk Rabbit Family

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Meet the Periwinkles, now in a brand-new updated style for 2023!

Milk Rabbit Father, Alex Periwinkle, often takes photos of his family to cherish their family memories but as banby Henry is so active, it takes a long time for them to settle down in front of the camera! Milk Rabbit Mother, Kate Periwinkle, likes romantic looking rooms and decorates them with lots of flowers and photographs. Milk Rabbit Boy, Oliver Periwinkle, likes to write beautiful poems and the girls at school always look forward to hearing them. Milk Rabbit Girl, Rebecca Periwinkle, wishes she could become a princess and writes stories in a secret notebook and dreams that it will come true some day.

Four figure set includes;

  • Milk Rabbit Father
  • Milk Rabbit Mother
  • Milk Rabbit Brother
  • Milk Rabbit Sister