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Sylvanian Families - Penguin Family

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Introducing the Waddles a family of Penguins whose round shape and cute markings have made them popular with other residents!

Father, Ozzie Waddle, is a very gluttonous penguin and if he eats too much his stomach becomes heavy and he will immediately sit down for a snooze. Mother, Sapphire Waddle, is very good at dancing on the ice with elegant and graceful movements. Baby, Kippie Waddle, always sits down or walks slowly but show her an ice cream and she will suddenly walk faster!

The figures arms, legs and heads can be moved into different poses whilst Baby Kippie can hold her ice cream and her parents can hold the ice cream cart parasol. Combine with the Penguin Babies Ride 'n' Play set (sold separately) for fun with the whole Penguin family!