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Sylvanian Families - Pool Fun Friends

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SKU SYL25749

Swimming lessons are now in session for the Sylvanian Families babies.

Nursery friends, Fennex Fox baby Yulie, Walnut Squirrel baby Ambrose and Splashy Otter baby Nicola are ready for a fun-filled day at the pool! This fantastic set includes all three figures together with a number of fun swimming accessories, such as an inflatable dolphin, pool toys and goggles. Combine with the Nursery Sandbox & Paddling Pool set (sold separately) for expanded play and hours more fun.

The Pool Fun Friends set includes;

  • 1 x Fennec Fox Baby figure
  • 1 x Walnut Squirrel Baby figure
  • 1 x Splashy Otter Baby figure
  • 1 x dolphin pool toy
  • 2 x water guns
  • 2 x goggles